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Love Can Win

Posted on August 17, 2017 by Sarah Stevens | 0 Comments

I sat blankly staring at the screen of my laptop off and on for hours yesterday. I was frozen with indecision of how to write this blog.  I wasn't sure where or how to start so that I convey my heart of hearts and don't offend or anger people. Instead I wanted to be say some things that are hard, heartfelt, and honest. But because of the current divisiveness in our country I had no idea how to achieve the result I hoped for. So, after some prayer and watercolor art therapy I just started typing... sharing my heart and I hope that you all accept it with the intent it comes with. If you know me at all I think you will. Here goes.....

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A Reason To Sing

Posted on June 06, 2017 by Sarah Stevens | 0 Comments

One year ago today, at high noon, I sat in my super cool mom van {don't laugh!}, sobbing and yelling... at God.  I had just left an appointment that was the last ditch effort to find any stinkin' thing to relieve my pain caused nerve damage done during the surgery to remove a portion of my kidney.  The caring, good-hearted acupuncturist had just told me, with kindness and sadness, that if the 6 treatments we had already done had not changed the pain in the slightest that continuing would be futile.  They had not changed it.  Not one bit.  

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Foggy Glasses

Posted on January 11, 2017 by Sarah Stevens | 0 Comments

Folks, listen.  We are all biased when it comes to which "side" of things we land on.  We all believe so firmly in what we hold dear that we often put on the fogged up glasses when looking at a situation, thus our view of it is not quite as clear as it could be.  We tend to let these lenses get smudged lots from taking these glasses on and off all the time, which makes our view even more cloudy.

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I'm with Hope.

Posted on November 06, 2016 by Sarah Stevens | 3 Comments

I usually am quiet about who I vote for.  I usually feel this is a private matter.  I usually feel strongly about one candidate but if my choice doesn't win I accept and respect the one who does.  I am having trouble with doing any of these this year. This election has changed America. This election has changed our democratic process.  This election has changed me.  

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Mess or Masterpiece

Posted on May 18, 2016 by Sarah Stevens | 3 Comments

For a few years, online, I creepily stalked a beautiful southern woman with a great talent for painting.  I had been tipped off to her gifted ability by another blogger.  I can remember the first photo I saw of one of her paintings.  It was of a chapel in Alabama where a vendor market was going to be held.  One look at her painting and I FELT the spirit of that church.  It was like I could see the soul of that holy sanctuary in her choices of color, tone and light.  I prayed, right then and there, that one day I would be lucky enough to hang a piece of her art in my home.  

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Testing and Teaching

Posted on April 07, 2016 by Sarah Stevens | 0 Comments

I have not met many people who love taking a test.  Most dread it.  Most dislike studying for one.  All hate the stress involved.  But some are good at it.  Some study wisely for long hours and do very well.  Some don't study at all and ACE it {but I am pretty sure it has been scientifically proven that these people are aliens!}!  Some are not especially gifted in the area of test-taking.  I am in the "dread it" and "not gifted" group.  I have never done well on tests.  I have never known how to study well.  I have always avoided tests and cringed at the thought of them.

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Arch Support

Posted on March 31, 2016 by Sarah Stevens | 0 Comments

My family and I went to Florida for spring break this year.  We never go on a trip for break so this was a rare, special treat!  We spent time on the beach, in our rented condo playing cards, watching March Madness {because EVEN A BEACH won't keep me from the best time of the year!!}, a bit of shopping and a bit more of eating.  We also spent an afternoon going to see an old military fort.  Some people love these kind of things because they are fascinated with wars and history.  Some go because they love all things military.  I enjoyed it because of the.......arches.  What?  Crazy, right?  

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