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8280 Days

Posted on August 03, 2014 by Sarah Stevens | 1 Comment

8280 days.   


That seems like a big ole' whopping number of days.  

That seems like an overwhelming amount of days.

That seems like an amount of time that would pass by achingly slow.

That seems.... like just yesterday.   


8280 days ago and yesterday were two very special days....but somehow, for us, they feel like they were one day right after the other. 


December 1, 1991 Craig and I had our first child, Zachary Patrick.

August 2, 2014 Zachary Patrick asked Emily Kathleen to be his wife.  





8280 days.


Many, many of those days I prayed.  Sometimes for his health.....sometimes for his safety.....sometimes for my sanity. ;)

And sometimes I prayed for his future wife.


I prayed....

that she would have a heart that was big, open and soft.

that she would be smart, independent and strong.

that she would care for others more than herself.

that she would be one who could laugh at herself.

that she would be one who could laugh at Zack.

that she would be a wonderful sister to our other children.

that she would be another daughter for us...not a daughter-in-law.

that she would be willing to always learn from others.

that she would stand up for herself.

that she would love our son.

and, most importantly, that she would love God with all her heart. 


These prayers were answered yesterday.  


It seems like just yesterday we were holding Zack, in our arms, in the Pensacola Naval Hospital.... already hopelessly in love with this little guy who changed our lives forever.


It was actually just yesterday that we congratulated Zack..... and witnessed how hopelessly in love with this gal he was, who would change his life forever.  



Zack and Emily....
May you always be able to remember the joy of yesterday.
May you always be able to remember the promise and covenant of the ring given and received yesterday.
May you always be able to remember the prayers that have been said for you...and answered.  



1 Response


August 04, 2014

Congratulations Zach and Emily! And Congratulations to the Steven family as you embark on yet another phase in your family history in the making! Exciting- I imagine with tears of joy. We wish you the best god has for you all! The Dietlins

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