Spring Snow

This time last week it was warm.  I wore sandals.  No jacket was required.  The sun was shining.  People were out walking, running and playing in parks.  The city was coming alive again.  

Today we awoke to snow on the ground!!  An extended commute time was caused by the short term memory issues of drivers.  The jacket came back out and even had to put on gloves.  I am wearing boots.  Oh, for the LOVE!

We are in that strange season of the year where we find ourselves being pulled in 2 different directions by Mother Nature.  One day it is warm and the birds are singing.  The next day it is cold and the birds are hiding.  It is like we are stuck in between 2 good things.  And we groan during this frustrating time.  We fight the back and forth swing of nature's pendulum that we all know comes every year. C'mon...we knew this was going to happen y'all!!  

But this year I have found a new perspective.  There is something really beautiful that can happen on these "hold on it is not quite Spring yet" kind of days.  We are forced to take one step back from that full on sprint we had started.  It is like someone very wise stepped in front of us on our path and says "Woah, woah, woah.  Before you hit the ground running into the next season I want you to take a deep breath and look back at the one you are leaving.  Look for the lessons you learned.  Recognize the blessings you were given. Take it all in.  Then, and only then, move forward.".

The snow that fell last night was beautiful.  It stopped many of us, in the midst of the amazing liberating dash toward spring, in our tracks.  How we respond is what is in question. Do we whine and moan?  Do we complain?  Or....... 


As I shoveled the driveway I felt a significant shift in my attitude occurring.  I lifted the shovel off the hook on the garage wall with a bit of a groan.  But when I put it away I let out a bit of a refreshed sigh.  Something cool happened as I pushed the light, fluffy snow to the sides of the driveway.  I found myself focusing on the removing of the old season...and preparing for the new season.  

This winter has been hard.  I have had to endure the stress caused by the craziness of not knowing what was ahead.  I have had to deal with the crazy worry brain of a momma that had me anxious at the thought of potentially undergoing chemo while our oldest was getting married this summer.  I have had to wonder...about what was ahead.

This spring is going to be challenging.  I am going to have to face the fear that is bubbling up about a major surgery.  I am going to have to endure pain.  I am going to have to stop moving to give myself time to heal.  I am going to miss the joys of painting in my studio.  I will have to wonder....about when I will feel normal again.

BUT... spring is about HOPE.  We got a glimpse in the last few weeks of what is ahead.  We had beautiful sun-filled warm days.  We all felt renewed.  I have no doubt that after my extended "spring snow" season of surgery and recovery that my days will be bright again!



This spring snow has done a funny number on me today.

This spring snow was like the Holy Spirit jumped in front of me, in the middle of a long road, and hollered "Woah, woah, woah."

This spring snow made me take a good look at the lessons of patience and trust that I have been taught this winter.

This spring snow forced me to remove the snow....AKA junk...from the driveway of my heart and prepare for what is next.

This spring snow is a gift.  A deep breath. A blessing.
A beautiful covering on my road that can not be ignored. 


May you look at the spring snow in a new light.
May you just enjoy the swing of the pendulum.
May you use the halting moment to reflect.
May you learn from the past season and prepare for the one on the horizon. 
March 23, 2015 — Sarah Stevens



Maureen said:

Praying for you Sarah! Thank you for opening your heart to us all.

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