I have a friend, in another state, who has a 2nd grade cute little dude.  She has shared with me the issues they are having with his teacher.  I am so troubled by it so I thought I could write about it.  Writing always helps me sort through a problem...and usually by the end the answer is much clearer than before.  I would love it if you would join me in this and let me know what you think should be done in this situation. 

So, this little boy has a male teacher that is new to teaching.  It sounds like he had a career for 10 years or so in sales but is now teaching because the state they live in allows anyone with a degree {in anything, not just Elementary Education} teach grades 6 and under.  This man has been upsetting the proverbial apple cart in their school.  How has he done this?  Let me give you a few examples that my friend has shared....

This teacher says the most inappropriate things to these 6/7 year olds.  He has called one girl in the class fat.  He has told one little boy that he shouldn't be in school because his parents are "Mexicans".  He has told the students, when they don't understand a math concept, that they are idiots.

This teacher slams the reputation of fellow teachers.  He has told them the art teacher is flighty and got her job only because she is pretty.  He has told the kids the principal shouldn't have her job and made comments about her looks in a negative way she.  He has told the students that he is the best teacher they will ever have because all the other teachers in their district are not qualified! 

This teacher has refused to accept a new student in his class because this student is a foster child and comes from a pretty rough situation of poverty and he feels another teacher should have to deal with this challenge.  

This teacher has told my friend's little boy, whose father is in the Army, that his dad is fighting for something that is wrong.

This teacher has used terribly inappropriate and foul language almost daily in the classroom.  My friend's son comes home often wondering what a word he heard means.... and my friend is horrified. 

This teacher handled a bullying situation in a way that left my jaw on the ground. There were 2 boys fighting at recess and when they were brought in to his classroom he closed the door and told them they should just fight {physically} it out till one wins.  

When the parents have gone to the PTO and principal with these stories, asking for this teacher to be fired, they have been met with a crazy thing.  The other parents want him to stay.  They feel like he isn't coddling these children like other teachers do.  They feel like he is being real with the kids.  They feel like he is a refreshing change from the other teachers who make all their decision in the class room dependent on getting good scores on state tests! The parents of the students in his class are at a loss for words and are hate that this man is who their children spend most of their day with.  They are scared of the effect he will have on them.  And they are helpless.

Are you as flabbergasted as I am?  Is your blood pressure up like mine?  Is your jaw on the floor and can not believe that, in this day, there is a teacher like this allowed in a classroom?


Well, let me admit to something now. This was a fictional story.  Please forgive the deception but I wanted to get you thinking about something in a different way.  This isn't a story about a friend's son's teacher.  But it is a story about someone who is teaching our children many things now and potentially for many years to come. This is a story about Donald Trump.  

I am so utterly confused why the majority of people in the last 2 primaries feel like Donald Trump is the right man to hold the highest office in the United States. If he were teaching in their schools and behaving in the way he has this campaign they would stand up and demand he be removed from the classroom. There would be a story done about him on the news and it would go viral and cause incredible outrage.  People all over Facebook and Twitter would be posting and tweeting their horror and disbelief.

I am a registered Independent voter.  I have voted for presidents that were both Democrats and Republicans.  I land on the conservative side of some issues and the liberal side of others.  So, I always look at and seriously consider ALL candidates.  I will admit to you that this election has brought a situation I have never had before.  I honestly don't love ANY of the candidates this year.  On either side. I find this sad and am disheartened about the state of government in our country.  Gone are the days of politicians who may...might be willing to...could possibly...would be open to WORK WITH EACH OTHER AND FIND A COMMON GROUND COMPROMISE on issues.  Gone are the days that civility was practiced. I don't trust most of these candidates.  I would not feel comfortable and good about checking the box next to any of their names if I had to vote today.  Some of them have moments when I think they could get my vote but then I am plagued with doubts.  Those doubts make it hard to know who to vote for with any clarity.  BUT, I can tell you what I am very clear on.  I can tell you what I have 100% certainty of.  That is that IF Donald Trump is the Republican nominee I will never vote for him.  I would certainly not vote for him ONLY because he is the Republican nominee.  And if he were the Democratic nominee I would not vote for him either.  I will vote for whoever he is running against.  I feel the damage he can do as President is greater than all of the other candidates.

I am scared to death of what this man will teach our children, what decisions he will make for America, and how he will represent the United States of America with other leaders in the world.  I am frightened of how much more hateful the people in our country will feel like they have a right to be when they have President to leads by inciting hatred instead of peace and unity.

I am saddened to think that many Americans feel like someone who "tells it like is", no matter how rudely, inappropriately and reprehensibly, is a person they want to put into the Oval Office.  He is not a good teacher.  We would never allow this kind of person to teach our children.  So why, in the Sam Hill, would any one want him to rule our land?!

You know how many politicians end speeches by saying "...and may God bless America."?  Sometimes I question the genuineness of that statement.  I can tell you that I am absolutely being genuine when I say this....

....and may God BE WITH America.  Because I think we need Him. 


May we recognize the qualities we do and don't want
for our children to emulate.

May we choose leaders that can make wise, thoughtful decisions instead of impetuous, impulsive ones.

May we carefully consider who we want to be in charge of our country on both domestic and foreign fronts.

May we search our hearts AND minds and
make wise decisions at the polls. 

May we, one day in the near future, be able to trust the men and women who represent US in Washington.
February 23, 2016 — Sarah Stevens


Lisa Harbour

Lisa Harbour said:

I have been saying for months- “is this the best America can do?”! I mean really- these nominees on both sides are the best we have?!!
I won’t vote for Hillary just because she is a woman in the same way I won’t for Donald Trump just because he says he is a Republican!
I agree with everything you wrote!

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