Autumn is my favorite season...hands down!  I love the energy I derive from the crisp air and the colors of the changing foliage.  It truly feeds my spirit.  There is something to be learned by this.  We pass by the same trees every day of the year... and don't pay any attention to them.  Then autumn rolls around and those same trees show off thier most gorgeous colors...and we "see" them finally.


Today we drove to my Uncle Tom's farm for the annual pumpkin patch party.  It is such a special day.  I love the sense of family and community that comes from a small gathering of people to pick pumpkins.  The drive there was wonderful.... It was just myself and our two youngest.  In years past they have either watched a movie or played thier hand held video games for the 45 minute drive. This year was different.  I was so energized by the scenery that I kept saying "look how beautiful it is" to them.  About half way there my 10 year old, Luke, said "Was this all here last year when we drove to Tom's farm?".  :) Yes, it was...we just weren't seeing it.


So here are a few pictures of our day and the things that inspired me!







May you notice that tree that we, otherwise, pass by every day of the year

and don't notice....before it explodes with autumnal colors.

May you look for things in your life that you might pass by

unnoticed....till something big happens.

May you notice and appreciate that person who you otherwise

might have overlooked....before they bloom.


October 09, 2011 — Sarah Stevens

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