What is a fair wage?  What amount of money is an appropriate compensation?  What exactly do you see as a good income number?  Am I making enough?  Do I deserve more for the hours of work I put in?  Does my boss value me?  How come that person makes more than I do?  Should I ask for a raise?  If only I made more I could afford that new outfit.  If only I was paid more I could go on trips.  If only I had more money I would be happy.

If only..........

These are all questions that we have all asked ourselves at one point and time or another.  I know that, for me, I had these thoughts many times when working I was 12 hour days in a salon....or when I am up painting till midnight in the quiet of our house.   We all think these things.  We all do.  Even you.  It is natural.

The only problem with this is that, for me, my job that holds the most responsibility doesn't have easy answers.  That job, of course, is my position as CMO.

 Chief Momma-ing Officer!

Being a mom is the hardest, most challenging, frustrating, joy-producing, exhausting, exhilerating, tear-your-hair-out, worry-generating, humbling and amazing job I will ever hold.  There are days (and nights when they are babies...and teens!) that I would like to throw the towel in, give up or trade with someone else.  Anyone else. :)

But...there are days when I wouldn't change jobs for anything.  Any one thing.

So, how do we get compensated for this job?  What is the pay off?  Why won't the government offer a tax deduction for CMOs?  What is a fair wage for this position?  Where are the rewards?

These questions rarely get answered.....in a practical way.

But, if you choose to look in the right places you will find the answers.

For me, they come by way of notes, letters... and texts.

The other morning my youngest, Noah, dug deep down into his backpack.  He was looking for something.  He said, "Momma, I made you something the other day but it isn't in my Thursday folder.  It has to be in here somewhere."   I couldn't see any of his carrot red hair as his whole noggin was inside his backpack trying to find this thing he had made!  Then the red hair emerged and his freckled face arose from the abyss with a huge grin and raised his hand in the air.  In his hand was a crumpled piece of white paper.

"Here it is Momma!  I found it!".  I carefully uncrumpled it and found.......a paycheck.

A big, fat paycheck!!

Dear Mom,

I mes you today.  I'll love forever and ever.  I can't wat to see you after scool today.

Love, Noah

A precious note from a 1st grader is just one paycheck.  Others are a treasured letter, from our son, found back at home after Craig and I returned from moving him into his dorm room freshman year of college...... a clump of flowering weeds, held by a sweet little dude, picked for his momma....or a high school English assignment that is written about me, given as a gift for Christmas, by my amazing daughter.........or a text that says "loveya momma"..............

Sigh.  There are the answers.  These are appropriate compensation.  That income number is enough....in fact it is plenty.  My boss values me.  I couldn't possibly want more.  Paid in full.  

I have my answers.  I just need to remind myself of them...sometimes .

May you love your job.

May you receive the compensation that you need.

May you look for the answers in the right areas.

May you feel valued for what you do.

May you be grateful for the answers.


April 25, 2012 — Sarah Stevens

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