Who remembers being a kid and making wishes while blowing a dandelion?  Do you remember closing your eyes tight and wishing for that Barbie doll that all your friends had? Do you remember believing it would come true?

Do you know the story behind this folklore?

It has been said that the seeds of a dandelion carry wishes and dreams to loved ones.  I can vaguely remember loving to find this weed like, humble plant, picking it, closing my eyes and wishing for something.  I am pretty sure that I didn't think it was carrying them to loved ones...but, for me, rather it was like a little hopeful prayer being blown heavenward.

I have found myself looking for a dandelion or two these days....

I thought I would share with you some of the things that I would have wished for.

I wish....that teenagers could look at themselves and see how truly amazing they are!

I wish...that other teens could look at people around them in high school, respect each other and acknowledge that someone different than them might be equally as cool as them.

I wish...that teachers knew from every parent how much they are appreciated for all the time, love, devotion and passion they pour into their jobs.

I wish...that the American people could tell the difference, with both parties, between a politically motivated answer and an honest one.

I wish...that my Gram was still alive so I could go sit on the floral couch next to her in her green chair, have some Panera take out soup, and talk about what I wish for.

I wish...that kids on the bus weren't so mean to the driver and other children...making it hard for my sensitive guy to ride in peace.

I wish...that there were more people like my favorite cross walk guy....who waves at everyone with a smile.

When I think of a dandelion I can't help but be amazed that this plant that most think is ugly and without purpose is the one in which this folklore is part of.  Peoples' hopes and dreams are big, important things.  And, yet, here we are choosing from a whole big prairie of beautiful flowers this simple, colorless weed.  

But when we look closely to this simple, humble useless plant we can see extreme beauty.  Well, at least I do.  The intricate lacy detail of the umbrella like petals are unbelievably exquisite.  The long thin stems that stretch out from the seeds are fragile looking but strong in nature.  

I wish...that cancer had not taken a beautiful, loving woman from her family 5 years ago.

I wish...that I could lose 15 lbs in a day.

I wish...that there was a way to adequately express how much I love and admire my husband.

I wish...that I could have the pleasure of seeing my kids grow up but at the same time never see them leave.

I wish...that I could adopt 12 children from Africa.  Seriously.

I wish...that car accidents never would happen.

I wish...that a parent never had to feel alone in the raising of a child.

I wish...that I could fix things.  Big things.

I wish...that I could find a great pair of jeans that fit perfectly.

I wish...that one amazing blogger could truly know her impact on the world.  

I wish...that the laundry would do itself.

I wish...that people were more kind to each other.

I wish...that Ann Romney would quit calling my house, leaving messages from "the party did not divulge their name" and call me "Sean".  

I wish...that Thanksgiving was a longer holiday since it is my favorite.

I wish...that my children grow up to love themselves, others and God.

I wish...the sun would shine every day.

I wish...for world peace. ;)

I wish...that I knew the story of everyone who bought my signs.

I wish...that my daughter gets to mother someone one day.

I wish...that my sons get to father someone one day.

Did you know that a dandelion can grow in rich or dry soil?  Did you know it can thrive at sea level or 10,500 feet?Did you know that it can grow in an untouched field but also in a crack in a sidewalk in an urban city?Did you know that it multiplies at amazing rates and is impossible to get rid of?Did you know that a dandelion adapts and transforms to live in the environment it lives in...and survives?Same can be true of our hopes and dreams. 

Thankfully there are fields of them out there...... 

I wish...everyone felt loved.

I wish...that all my wishes came true. 

May you have the childlike need to find a dandelion.

May you close your eyes and make a wish.

May you believe that even if your dandelion came from a crack in a sidewalk of a dirty street that it can thrive.

May your wishes come true.  

October 29, 2012 — Sarah Stevens

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