Several years ago, on Facebook, I started to occasionally share a few funny moments of my life with our youngest.  Over time they have become known as "Noah Moment of the Day".   Today I went back and looked at some.....I was a bit nostalgic.  

You see, today Noah turns 8 years old!  8 years ago Craig and I welcomed this little redheaded bundle of love into our lives.  We didn't plan for him, but God sure had a plan for us by entrusting him to us!

So these Noah Moments of the Day.....


Sometimes these moments are ones that I (and all others around him) burst out laughing uncontrollably...even when I don't think it is the best parenting decision to laugh.

Sometimes these moments are ones that I shake my head at and wonder "what are we going to do when he is a teenager?  We are in so much trouble!".

Sometimes these moments are so touching that they balance out the other moments....thank God!

But all of these moments are ones that I want to hold on to, treasure and learn from.  Each of these moments, along with thousands of others that I didn't post on Facebook, are evidence to me that I have matured into a different kind of mom than I was the first (and second...and third as well!) time around.  #4 sure did change me....and I am grateful.

So, I thought, in honor of Noah Scott Stevens' birthday I would share a few of the little moments...and the little lessons....with you all.


"My heart melted today when Noah kissed me good morning and 

then said "I love that sound Mommy!"

That would be the kissing sound. :)" 

Lesson learned- I needed to pay closer attention to the little things.....

like the sounds of being a mom.


"Noah just told me that he learned about the word peaceful today.  He said he drew a picture about peaceful.....of himself!  What??!!  Noah?  Peaceful?!"

Lesson learning- I might not see my kids the way they see themselves...

and they might be more right than me. 



"I am giggling while listening to Noah sing I'm a single lady, 

I'm a single lady"!"

Lesson learned- I needed to not take myself so seriously all the time!


  Noah is making me laugh today............ 

Noah: Hey Mom, are you smart?

Me: Yes, I am smart and so are you.

Noah: Well I am glad you are smart.

Me: Why?

Noah: Because I just saw a commercial about a lady turn a postcard into 15 Chuck E Cheese tokens!!!  You can do that too, right?!

                           Lesson learned- Don't let the kids watch commercials!!  ;)


 "So I am shopping at Piggly Wiggly today with Noah.....

Me: I have to get tomatoes.

Noah: But I don't like tomatoes.

Me: That is fine bud, but you have to at least try them.

Noah: Well, it is just how God made me...not liking tomatoes. (shrugs his shoulders and smirks)

He played the God card......what am I supposed to do with that one?!?"

                  Lesson learned- I had to love that moments when our kids live out what 

we had been teaching them......even if it meant not eating nutritionally!  


 "Just woke up the little dudes.  

While in bed, stretching and trying to open their eyes, 

out come the first words of the day:

Luke- 'Morning you.'

Noah- 'I throw my hands up in the air sometimes....

saying AY-OH, gotta let it go.'"

Lesson learned- Every kid is different and each can totally make your day brighter!


  "I turned on the light in the little dudes' room this morning and said 'Good morning boys'....

A little voice from the bottom bunk says, 'I did NOT see that comin'!'"

Lesson learned- Always have a great sense of humor.....

even first thing in the morning!



"Noah Moment of the Day:

He is upstairs, supposedly getting ready for bed.

I go upstairs to tuck him in and his door is closed.

I go open it to find the red-headed, pasty white little dude TOTALLY naked.....

except for one thing.

A pirate eye patch....on his eye."

                                  Lesson learned- Expect the unexpected!!



"Noah is 'child of the week'.  We had to fill in and color this huge poster.  He had to write things like what his favorite color is, who is in his family, etc. 

In the middle of the poster there is a big start and inside it says, 'What makes me a star.'

Noah writes, 'I have a good heart.'" 

           Lesson learned-  Continue to teach our kids what part of them has value...

not the outer stuff...but their heart!



"(while talking about math in the car) 

Noah: Did you know that 16-10=6?

Me: Yes, I did.

Noah: How does the minus happen?

Me: It is like if you have 16 apples and you take away 10....

Noah: You would have 6 give to someone else....because that is kind.

That is my 'restore the hope' moment of the day!'"

           Lesson learned- Noah had discovered the only kind of math I EVER will love!



"Another day, another Noah Moment of the Day....

(after a failed attempt at swim lessons at Aunt Joanie's pool)

Noah: What age was Luke when he learned to swim?

Me: 7, exactly your age.  This is your summer pal.

Noah: Well, maybe I am never going to learn to swim.

Me: Oh, sure you will, don't worry, everyone learns sometime.

Noah: Well, maybe no EVERYone.  Remember, I am different than everyone else in the whole world. This might just be another reason why I am different.

Me: You are different all right....."

            Lesson learned-  Sometimes the kids win by using your own teachings.  Sheesh! ;)


And this last one was just last week.......

 "Noah Moment of the Day:

Every day when I pick him up I ask him for his high and low of the day....

it has become pretty silly lately......until today.

Me: Hi pal!  How was your day?  High and Low?!

Noah: My seeing you.  My low....nothing."


Lesson learned- I am one blessed gal to love this guy and be loved in return!


Happy Birthday Noah Scott!

I couldn't love you more!


In fact... I love you mosterest!


January 07, 2013 — Sarah Stevens

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