My favorite sign hangs in my studio.

Every morning, after my husband leaves for his office and the kids are off to school I "head to work" myself.  I walk down the 12ft long hallway, pass (intentionally!) the laundry room and enter the Cellar Designs' studio.  (my commute is AWESOME!)

And each morning, when the skies are clear, this powerful burst of light streams in the room as the sun comes up over the neighbor's home.  I look over and see that bright shining sun entering into the room right next to my favorite sign.

It is a beautiful moment.

The sign reminds me every day that.......

          A.  I have a light (some days I am not so sure!)

          B.  That it can shine.

          C.  I have to LET it do so.

We all have the ability to let our light shine.  What does that mean?

Well........I am sure it means something different to all of us.  But I am just going to share what it means to me.


I think it means reflecting the love you have received back to others.

I think it means being kind to people.

I think it means forgiving.

I think it means inspiring people to be and do better.

I think it means showing grace.

I think it means smiling at strangers.

I think it means helping to empower others to be their best.

I think it means letting a driver merge into your lane in a traffic jam.

I think it means being supportive to others.

I think it means being willing to be supported.

I think it means overcoming obstacles.

I think it means being brave.

I think it means growing in your generosity.

I think it means.................radiating HOPE.

I have been pondering the idea of how we all shine our light and how the rest of the world sees that light.  I am so inspired by others and how their light has shone in good times and bad times.

So I am going to do something different.  I am going to have a little mini-series of blogs dedicated to "Let Your Light Shine"!!   I am hoping that these few blogs will inspire you as well.

I know I normally only blog about once a month, but I am really shaking it up and there will be MORE THAN ONE next WEEK!  Woah.  I know...crazy. ;)

I hope you tune in............. until then....

May you ponder what "shine your light" means to you.

May you know you have a light.

May you want to "let" it shine brightly.

February 01, 2013 — Sarah Stevens

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