Today starts a little blog mini-series called "Let Your Light Shine"!  I can't tell you how excited I am about this!  I explained a little about the reason for this series last week when I shared with you a little bit about my favorite sign.

Light is a complex thing. I am not a science gal so you are not going to get a big old explanation about how light works....mainly because I don't know. ;)  I thought about it, so I googled "how light works".  What I found more profound than the science was a little blurb about an article.  This is the quote:

As a citizen of a sunny Earth, it's hard not to take light for granted. 

In this article, we salute you, light, 

for a lightLESS world would be a gloomy place indeed.  


So there are lots of different kinds of lights and each illuminates in a different way.  

Much like people.


Today I will start with the spotlight.......

Meet Lief.  Lief is the director of our church's high school ministry.  Lief is gregarious, passionate, loud, funny, energetic, larger-than-life, unashamed, bold, talkative and an amazing friend to everyone.  

Lief lives BIG.  

Lief loves even BIGGER.  

When he is in a room there is an energy that is fun and contagious.  Sitting back and watching Lief is like sitting in a room that is lit up by dozens of blazing spotlights of many vibrant colors.  It is a perfect thing for a guy in his position.  High school students love him!  (and so do us normally boring adults!)

Those lights can warm your heart, lift your spirits and flood a room with joy.    

Sometimes life can blindside you.  Kind of like last night's Super Bowl.  In the midst of the biggest football game of the year, all of a sudden, the big powerful lights that illuminated the field shut off.  Suddenly and unexpectedly the teams and stadium staff had to change.  That is what happened for Lief late this past year.  

Lief's mom passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.  It was a shock for him, his whole family and the enormous number of people who's lives she touched.  It was always clear how much Lief loved his family and especially his mom.  From all the pictures that we have all seen it very evident that she lit up a room with her smile.  She was a special lady and her death was stunning for him and his family. 

I watched as Lief's light changed.  

The big flashy, fun, colorful spotlights faded.  He was quiet, introspective, sad, grieved and burdened.  All the things he normally is not.  

But........ here is the thing....... I said his light "changed".  It never went out, it just shifted to a different mode.  It became a single soft spotlight.  

When life got a little dark Lief's light became.... 

more pure.

more simple.

more focused.

more purposeful.


At the funeral Lief was brave enough to get up in front of hundreds and share.  He was very clear about the sadness they were feeling at the loss of a dear loved one, but also very clear about the hope and grace that was carrying he, and those around him, through this painful time.  

Lief loves God.  Lief's light comes from that love.  

He has always shone that light so brightly and vibrantly.  He passionately lives his life and teaches about GRACE with great the group of glaring colorful spotlights.  But during these past few months he has lived quietly, honestly and clinging to the HOPE he teaches the undiluted, unwavering, single soft spotlight.  

Both lights are beautiful.  

Both lights are meaningful.  

Both lights have inspired me.... and I hope do the same for you.


May you enjoy the big colorful spotlight people in your life.

May you learn from to the single spotlight people in your life.

May you love them both.

May you know your light may change.

May you know that sometimes, even when painful, change is good. 


February 04, 2013 — Sarah Stevens

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