This blog entry is a tough one.


This blog entry requires me to be brave, authentic and open........

You see, it is clear from the news feed on Facebook yesterday and today, that I am surrounded by differing opinions.  Our country is, once again, divided on a very volatile issue.  I have opinions.  I have thoughts.  But do I share them?  Usually my answer is no...... but today it is a yes...sort of.

This blog entry asks for the reader to be understanding, show kindness and a willingness to read with tone of love that is intended.

You see, it is clear from the news feed on Facebook that everyone is not doing this.  People, who are normally loving wonderful people, are posting things that are rude, antagonistic and do nothing but create a culture of hate and divide.

Why do people feel that it is necessary when stating their opinion to not include basic kindness and love?

Why do people think it is acceptable to dishonor a human being when stating their thoughts on an issue?

Why do many believe it is decent to say things in a social media post that they would never say to a person's face?


Yesterday and today my feed has been filled with some pretty ugly stuff on both sides of the marriage equality issue.  It makes me so very sad.  These are people who are loving and kind most of the time.  But give them the shield of social media's false anonymity and they resort to mean, unkind words.

I thoroughly respect, and would fight for, each person's right to say what they feel.  BUT....

Can't it be done with love and respect?

Can't we have conversations that are open, honest and are full of understanding and mutual care?

Can't we listen to each other like we would if it was our own daughter or father?

You see I think that is the main problem.  We all have taken the human factor out of our disagreements.  We all have forgotten that the person with a different view of us has a family, loves someone and is loved by someone.  Would you say things differently if you were talking face to face with your child?


I normally don't post political things on the social media.  I tend to shy away from that.  Not because I don't have strong opinions, but because I am truly afraid it will not be read with the tone that I hear it in as I write it.  So I thought I would try it here.... in a bit of an unusual way.

Listen carefully.

(Said with a hushed, soft, loving tone)

I believe firmly in the separation of church and state.

I do not want my government to create laws, like one that would tell me that I have to have an abortion after a certain number of children, when my personal, faith-based beliefs would not want to do that.

I would never, ever (tone gets even more quiet and caring here folks) want to have that government create laws that made other people do things that were against their beliefs.


(Said with an understanding look in my eyes and fixed on the eyes of the person who I am talking to)

I know of many people who felt one way about an issue until it became personal.

I know of many people who didn't support marriage equality until their child wanted to marry someone of the same sex.

I believe that if one of my children told me they were gay that I would love them the same and want them to have a long, faithful loving relationship.


(Said with open hands and not clenched fist)

I respect your thoughts on this issue and others.

I wish that you would return the favor and respect mine.

I might make a different decision as you and I hope you are understanding of that right.


(Said with the caring tones of sensitivity, true affection and esteem)

I ask that we all listen to each other.

I implore us all to look at the opposing view with the love we should show.

I beg us all to think about the other person and who they love and who loves them. that part from earlier about me sharing my thoughts on this issue?  Here you go...


(Said with a touch of nervousness, a load of confidence and a bucket of hopeful anticipation)

I love God.

I love others.

I love I am called to do.


That is what leads my heart on these issues.

March 27, 2013 — Sarah Stevens

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