"Faith is taking the first step,

 even when you don't see the whole staircase."

~Martin Luther King, Jr. 

I have been wearing a boot since October.  

Not a cute boot, a sexy leather boot, a hiking boot or a snow boot.  

Nope......instead an ugly, gray air cast boot.

I tore a tendon in my ankle and ended up needing surgery to repair it.  After the surgery they took the boot away!  But only to put on a cast.  Then the boot back again.   Sigh. 


Yesterday was a LONG time coming.  

I heard the words "You can wear shoes and walk today"!!


I was, admittedly, nervous taking those first real steps.  Before, all I had done in the shoes, is to stand firmly and transfer weight back and forth...but no steps.   So, yesterday, at physical therapy I was a bit anxious to take a real step.  


Was it going to hurt?
Would my ankle be strong enough?
Would I have a limp?
Could I re-injur it?
How can I find cute summer sandals with orthotics?  (Ok, I digress but I did seriously think it!)

I needed to have faith.  I needed to believe that the surgeon did a stellar job.  I needed to have confidence in my therapist to know when I was ready.  I needed to have faith.


I needed to take my first step even though I didn't have the view of the whole staircase....

and I did.  


It was energizing.
It was scary.
It was exciting.
It was fantastic.
It was a relief. 

This morning I flung open the french doors of Cellar Designs' studio, sat down, laced up my new bright tangerine shoes with great arch support and took a deep breath...............and prayed a prayer of gratitude. 

It is a Tuesday......so it is time for GratiTUESday!  


Today I am grateful:

1. for the faith to take the first step.

2. for the strength to keep walking.

3. to God for helping me to trust in the invisible staircase.



May you be willing to fling open your doors.

May you be ready to lace up your shoes.

May you have the faith to take your first step.

May you see the staircase through the eyes of trust.


May 07, 2013 — Sarah Stevens

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