One year ago I wrote on this blog about things I wished for.  It was titled Dandelion Wishes.  Today I was working on editing the old blog posts within this new site and came across this post.  It made me think about what my list would be today.  Many wishes have changed, but several have remained the same.  I thought I would give a 2013 list of my dandelion wishes.....and share them with you.

Do you all know the folklore behind blowing a dandelion and making wishes?  I didn't....until last year when I researched it.  

It has been said that the seeds of a dandelion carry wishes and dreams to loved ones.  I can vaguely remember loving to find this weed like, humble plant, picking it, closing my eyes and wishing for something.  I am pretty sure that I didn't think it was carrying them to loved ones...but, for me, rather it was like a little hopeful prayer being blown heavenward.



I wish....that teenagers could see themselves as many of us beautiful/handsome, smart people who have the ability to change our world. 

I wish...that other teens could look at people around them in high school, respect each other and acknowledge that someone different than them might be equally as cool as them.

I wish...that teachers felt appreciated from every single parent.  They ought to since they are spending more hours with our children, during the school year, than we parents are. 

I wish...South Carolina wasn't so stinkin' far away.....and the home of one of my closest friends.

I wish...that there could be a big family wedding at least once a year so we could be together to dance, catch up and celebrate. 

I wish...that my Gram was still alive so I could go sit on the floral couch next to her in her green chair, have some Panera take out Broccoli & Cheddar soup....and talk about what we wished for.

I wish...that kids were not cruel to each other.

I wish...that everyone had a sibling who makes them laugh as much as my sister does me. 

I wish...the Packer's O-line was better this year. 

I wish...that no kid would have that terrible feeling that comes with being picked last at recess...including my own. 

I wish...that there were more people like my favorite Piggly Wiggly check out lady....who smiles at everyone and exudes joy.


When I think of a dandelion I can't help but be amazed that this plant that most people think is ugly and without purpose is the one in which this folklore is part of.  Peoples' hopes and dreams are big, important things.  And, yet, here we are choosing, from a whole big prairie of beautiful flowers, this simple colorless weed to hang our hats on and depend on for wishes coming true.  

But when we look closely to this simple, humble useless plant we can see extreme beauty.  Well, at least I do.  The intricate lacy detail of the umbrella like petals are unbelievably exquisite.  The long thin stems that stretch out from the seeds are fragile looking but strong in nature.  





I wish...that the cancer cells in 2 dear friends would respond to chemotherapy and be eradicated from their bodies.

I wish...that I could lose 15 lbs in a day.

I wish...that there was a way to adequately express how much I love and admire my husband.

I wish...that I could simultaneously hold tight to my kids and let them go. 

I wish...that our government would learn to work together and be role models of cooperation, compromise and a good work ethic for our children.

I wish...that I could go to Africa on a mission trip and adopt 7 children.  Not kidding.  Seriously. (this one changed from 14 kids last year...I am older and smarter!)

I wish...that car accidents never would happen.

I wish...that there would never be one more young girl sold into slavery for sex.

I wish...that people understood that we ALL are a hot mess and have a story...and treat each other considering these things. 

I wish...that I could fix things.  Big things.

I wish...that I could find a swimsuit that I felt good in.

I wish...that Jen Hatmaker would come and simple sit in my studio with me and chat about the little and big things of life.  

I wish...that bathrooms cleaned themselves.

I wish...that people were more grateful for what they have...and do not have. 

I wish...that I would have chosen a refrigerator that didn't show every fingerprint.  

I wish...that I had enough time in a day to drive to Iowa and have lunch with 2 sweet aunts and still be back in time to be home for Noah and Luke. 

I wish...that 3 beautiful young women would not have lost their mother, unexpectedly and too young, this past week

I wish...that my mom and dad knew how incredibly proud and happy I was to be their daughter. 

I wish...that my children grow up to love themselves, others and God. (this one will never change.)

I wish...that the energy I get from a crisp, cool, colorful autumn day was felt every day. 

I wish...that women would stop comparing themselves to other women and rest in the knowledge that they, themselves are awesome....and enough.

I wish...that I had naturally red curly hair. 

I wish...that I knew more of the stories behind the reasons people purchase my art.

I wish...that my daughter gets to mother someone one day.

I wish...that my sons get to father someone one day.


Did you know that a dandelion can grow in rich or dry soil?  Did you know it can thrive at sea level or 10,500 feet?  Did you know that it can grow in an untouched field but also in a crack in a sidewalk in an urban city?  Did you know that it multiplies at amazing rates and is impossible to get rid of?  

Did you know that a dandelion adapts and transforms to live in the environment it lives in...and survives?  

Same can be true of our hopes and dreams. 


Thankfully there are fields of them out there...... 



I could spend days thinking of more wishes....enough for each dandelion in a enormous field.  

But I guess I will save some for October 2014. 


May you not pass by a dandelion without picking it up to blow and wish.
May you know how strong your own stem is instead of
thinking of yourself as fragile.
May you take the time to love those around you before
you wish you could and not be able to.
May all your wishes come true.
October 07, 2013 — Sarah Stevens


Melanie Bartels

Melanie Bartels said:

Thank you for all your blogs. I have always tried to have a positive outlook on things, but you bring it out even further. I wish…. All your dreams come true. Thank You :)

Pat Kyndberg

Pat Kyndberg said:

Sarah, you continue to amaze me! Sweet thoughts at the end of a long day as I get Roy ready for bed. Yes, there are definitely so many things to be thankful for – including YOU! Hugs and sweet dreams, Patty K.

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