A Bit Of Heaven In Our Home


Losing a loved one is always so difficult and peace of mind is something we all desire. For many people the thought of heaven is assuring and healing. This sign can help be a reminder for a family of that assurance. 

Because someone we love is in heaven, there is a bit of heaven in our home.

Each lettering design is carefully printed on a thick, brilliant white cotton-blend canvas and stretched across a wooden frame with a 3/4" thickness. The canvas is acid-free, made using professional-grade materials. The hand lettering is done by Sarah Stevens. The frames are custom for each piece with aspen wood and high quality stain. 

This canvas was done with a beautiful deep rich blue ink. But you can request yours to be done in another color. Classic black? Gray? You choose.  You also get to choose if you would like your frame to be a walnut, gray or ebony stained one. 

This art measures approximately 25 1/2”x 31 1/2".

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