Restore The Joy - 30 Day Devotional


"Restore the Joy: 30 Days of Hope, Faith & Joy" by author Sarah Stevens is a 30 day devotional that focuses on helping people who are needing restoration while going through life's hardships. This sweet little book was originally intended for an audience of one. Sarah's dear friend had battled cancer for years and it was written to help her when times got really hard. Unfortunately before the book was completed her friend passed away. A promise to finish it so it could bless others has now been met!

The book includes 30 days of watercolor and iPad lettering coupled with a daily devotional, and a short letter to the reader sharing a bit more about the story behind the book.

It is Sarah's hope that this book can be picked up on ANY day that some hope, faith and joy is needed. There is no need for the 30 days to be consecutive. There is no need to do the pages in order. This is meant to be open to allowing the Holy Spirit to find just the right art and words to uplift the owner each day they open it up.

ALL profits of this book will be donated to the Susan J. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in the name of Sarah's friend. Sarah will not be keeping any of the monies made by the selling of this book.